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Rainwater Harvesting

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image Did you know that a house with a 1,000 sq. ft. roof could yield 600 gallons of rainwater from a one inch rainfall?
image If you have a fish tank, use the old water after you clean the tank to water your plants. It's rich in nitrogen and phosphorous that plants love.
image Don't let garden hoses and sprinklers water paved surfaces.
image When you drain your swimming pool for repairs, make sure that the pump releases the pool water onto the grass or other planted areas.
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Why waste tap water watering plants when rainwater works better? All you have to do is harvest it!

Rainwater harvesting is capturing and storing rainfall to irrigate plants and animals. All you need for harvesting is a good rainstorm and something to collect it in. It's that easy.

imageYour system can be simple, using contoured areas so that water flows directly to planted areas; or sophisticated, featuring storage systems that can contain captured water for later use, such as rain barrels.

Please call us at (210) 704-SAVE for more information on rain harvesting planning and devices for storage.


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