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green ideas for an existing commercial building


Green Ideas for a Existing Commercial Building

Going green has become a significant part of expected business ethics. A key to making the shift to a sustainable business is knowing about healthy wood products. The quest for sustainable building products is ongoing. New products are constantly arriving on the market. From trade shows to office buildings to storefronts, almost all of the structures needed to run a business require some form of wood. Fortunately, you’ve got choices.

 feasibility of sustainable buildingsThe use of both plywood and fiberboards has become integral to modern building practices. Unfortunately both of these wood products use formaldehyde solvents in the binding process. The wood is usually from a non-sustainable source and the glue off-gasses for many years, not a healthy situation for people or the planet.

One promising option utilizes agricultural waste from the production of food such as the straw from wheat, oats and rice. These materials would otherwise be destroyed or used as compost. Fiberboard can be made from each of these types of straw. This approach does not require solvents for the bonding process. Soy-based resins are used instead.

Another unique composite wood material is Dakota Burl, made from sunflower hulls. This beautiful product has the look of burled wood caused by the striations of dark and light areas on the seed hull. Sunflowers are a rapidly renewable agricultural product. Dakota Burl can be finished with traditional wood staining and finishing techniques.

 what is the definition of a green building

Wheatboard is another excellent option. Wheatboard is made from recycled wheat chaff and an isocynate binder that uses no formaldehyde. Wheatboard is incredibly moisture resistant, holds screws and nails well, is superior in strength and stiffness when compared with regular fiberboard, and is ideal for painting. Wheatboard can be used in any way that particle board or fiberboard is used. Wheatboard is more elastic and has a stronger internal bond than regular fiberboard.

Other products to watch are made from coconut hulls and fast growing reeds. Bamboo flooring has become an instant design success. Bamboo cutting boards and bamboo countertops are also popular in the home market. Luckily for all of us, there are an increasing number of wonderful options available for sustainable, green wood products. Make sure to take a look at these options for your next building project!

By: Len Piotrowski

Greensboro renovation.

They’re renovating the two-story building at 526 South Elm Street, which dates back to the 1920s, into a loft-style home on the second floor and commercial space on the ground floor. And they plan to meet a building … Ziegler said while renovation is a lot of work, she hopes other building owners will see the merits of going green.

SBA Goes Green With Loans for Small Businesses

(Vocus/PRWEB) February 5, 2009 — The SBA 504 Loan Program has been assisting small business entrepreneurs for over 25 years by providing fixed rate, long-term financing for the purchase, construction and renovation of commercial real estate.

Lululemon Athletica & Kenneth Park Architect Open Green Outlet.

Even as we continue to monitor the chaos in the green commercial real estate market, there is still some pretty neat sustainable stuff happening in the local commercial interiors space. 

Green Lending Picks Up Despite Credit Crunch

With the establishment of its new Green Building Loan Program, the bank has joined the ranks of those financial institutions that are making an extra effort to step up the support of green commercial development.

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