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Why Going Green Matters To You

Why a green office? Typical offices tend to have outdated, energy consuming appliances, highly toxic, non-sustainable furnishings, and a large amount of paper, plastic and metallic waste. Read more...

Best Selling Products
Water Bottle - 18 oz. Klean Kanteen Kolors
Water Bottle -
18 oz. Klean
Kanteen Kolors
Cutlery - Biodegradable - Heat Resistant
Cutlery - Biodegradable Heat Resistant
Recycled Paper Towels - Multifold - Super Absorbant
Recycled Paper Towels - Multifold - Super Absorbant
Repocket: 2 Pocket Presentation Folder
2 Pocket Presentation Folder

Choose a Green Category

Recycled Binders and Notebooks
Chlorine-free, eco-friendly plastic and paper goods of the highest possible post-consumer content.
At your next party or event, instead of generating bagloads of trash, use compostable goods -- nature's alternative to disposables.
Green Computing
Green flash drives, chargers and computer accessories for the whole family.
Recycled Filing Materials
Recycled, post-consumer, chlorine-free filing materials.
Non-Toxic Mailing Materials
Recycled and chlorine-free eco-friendly mailing supplies.
Recycled Office Paper
Recycled paper uses fewer natural resources and is less toxic than conventional paper.
Eco-Office Supplies
Paper and recycled plastic goods, rope, staples, scissors and every other eco-office accessory you can desire!
Recycled Pens and Pencils
Recycled and non-toxic pens made from sustainable sources.
Recycled and Sustainable Stationary
Elegant wildflower stationary produced from sustainably-sourced Kenaf plants.

More Green Information

The items that surround you in your office should support not just your productivity, but your health as well. Here at Green Home we sell a variety of eco-office supplies that are non-toxic, recycled, ecologically sound, and, of course, of the highest quality. From computers to stationary to staplers, we've got everything you need to green up your workplace and the planet.

Watch these interesting videos about greening your office.

For Mac Users: Office Chair Video
For PC Users: Office Chair video


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Flash Drive Eco-friendly Firefly 1GB
Replace your USB drive with an eco-friendly one!
Copy Paper - Recycled Colored
High-quality recycled paper available in a wide variety of colors

Journal - Handmade Plantable Paper
100% recycled office paper with a plantable cover

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You can't go wrong with these

Give your home an environmental upgrade room-by-room.

There is no pressed-wood subflooring, or it has been properly sealed to prevent formaldehyde outgassing.

Your furniture is ergonomic-it promotes a natural spinal curve.

There are two kinds of lighting: general room lighting and individual task lighting.

Paper use is minimized through the use of e-mail, electronic faxing of documents.

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