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How to Create a Green Home Office

eHow Editor

"Going green" is more than just a fad. More are seeing the
benefits to themselves and the environment by buying eco-friendly products. Your
home office is a great place to add green elements.

Step1 Hold the paper!

If you have a computer and an Internet connection, send
notes as emails. This cuts down on the need for paper. Purchase 100% recycled
paper for your printer. Use both sides of the paper before discarding. The empty
side of the paper can be used as a notepad or drawing tablet. Place discarded
paper in a recycling bin and be sure to recycle when the bin is full.

Step2 Light it up!

Make the most of natural light. Leave windows bare or open
curtains or blinds during the day to avoid having to use artificial light. For
light fixtures, switch to fluorescent bulbs. They last longer than incandescent bulbs.

Step3 "Green" your furniture. When you're shopping for furnishings for your home
office, opt for eco-friendly items. Search for rugs that are free of harmful
chemicals. Find a desk made from reclaimed wood or make one yourself using an
unused table or cabinet in your home. Select all-natural fabrics for chairs.

Step4 Get on the strip!

Use a power strip for all of your computer-related
products. Shut down all items from the power strip at night to save energy.
Step5Plant some good health! Green plants not only boost your spirits, they
convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and can actually help purify the air. Place a
leafy plant on your desk, your computer table, a window sill and any other spot
in your home office that could use a little lift.


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