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take action: house economic recovery bill

 President Obama has called on  Americans to double the use of  renewable energy in the next three  years, and this week the House of  Representatives will take up a bill that  is vital to fulfilling that vision. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act includes a new grant program that would make tax incentives for the renewable energy industry usable even during an economic downturn. It also includes a three-year extension of the production tax credit, several provisions to promote transmission for renewable energy, and key changes to benefit small wind systems. Please urge your representative to vote in favor of this bill.

obama visits ohio turbine manufacturer

President-Elect Obama Visits Ohio Wind Turbine Component Manufacturer Before Inauguration

January 16 - President-elect Barack Obama will call for action to stimulate the economy at an Ohio company that manufactures very large bolts for wind turbine towers, according to announcements by the President-elect’s team and information received by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).  The company, Cardinal Fastener & Specialty Co., Inc., is based in Bedford Heights, Ohio, and the visit will take place Friday, January 16, as the President-elect travels from Illinois to Washington, D.C., for his Inauguration.  More...

Press Kit available

joint press conference

Solar and Wind Ready to Lead New Clean Energy Economy

January 9 – AWEA and SEIA today reported that both wind and solar energy enjoyed record-breaking years in 2008, but face a dramatic reduction in 2009 if Congress and the incoming Administration do not take swift action to help make renewable tax incentives work in today’s difficult economy.

Press kit

Listen to the press conference. (.mp3)


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