Wind Power
Germany Is No Longer Number One Wind Power Producer

Alt Dot Energy
December 28, 2008

Germany has been deposed as the number one wind energy generator in the world by
The United States. US wind producers had record year of growth in 2008 according
to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), . The country now has an
installed wind turbines to produce over 21,000 MW, enough to supply renewable
energy electricity to more than 5.5 million American homes.

According to Randall Swisher, the Executive Director of the AWEA, “Wind energy
installations are well ahead of the curve for contributing 20% of the U.S.
electric power supply by 2030 as envisioned by the U.S. Department of Energy.”

The most incredible part about this news, is that it was made under a government
that was fairly lukewarm when it came to the idea of renewable energy, and while
important legislation regarding renewable energy tax credits was stalled in
congress. The next important milestone is for the US to achieve number one
status of per capita installed wind power. Under the incoming administration
this seems like a very achievable goal, one that could be achieved by the end of
next year if the promises translate into actions.


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