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This is a list of large onshore wind farms, with an installed generating capacity of 100 megawatts (MW) or more, which are currently operating, under construction, or proposed.

Worldwide installed capacity 1996-2008

At the end of 2008, worldwide wind farm capacity was 120,791 megawatts (MW), representing an increase of 28.8 percent during the year,[1] and wind power produced some 1.3% of global electricity consumption.[2] Wind power accounts for approximately 19% of electricity use in Denmark, 9% in Spain and Portugal, and 6% in Germany and the Republic of Ireland.[3] The United States is an important growth area and installed U.S. wind power capacity reached 25,170 MW at the end of 2008.[4] However, it may be difficult to site wind farms in some areas for aesthetic or environmental reasons, and seasonal variability introduces a challenge in integration of wind power into electricity grids, requiring balancing with other technologies such as hydropower.[5]


[edit] Operating or under construction

Fenton Wind Farm at sunrise
Early morning at Lake Bonney Wind Farm
Portland Wind Project on the Port Fairy - Portland Road
A portion of the Prince Township Wind Farm
Shiloh Wind Power Plant. The surrounding land is used for sheep grazing and growing hay.
Streamers of fog blow through newly erected Snowtown Wind Farm turbines.
List of onshore wind farms[6]
Farm Installed
capacity (MW)
Adair Wind Farm 174 USA
Altamont Pass Wind Farm 596 USA
Alto Minho Wind Farm 240 Portugal
Anse-à-Valleau 100 Canada
Arada-Montemuro Wind Farm 112 Portugal
Ashtabula Wind Farm 196 USA
Barton Wind Farm 160 USA
Barton Chapel Wind Farm 120 USA
Benton County Wind Farm[7] 130 USA
Big Horn Wind Farm 200 USA
Biglow Canyon Wind Farm 125 USA
Black Law Wind Farm 124 UK
Bliss Wind Farm 100 USA
Blue Canyon Wind Farm 225 USA
Blue Sky Green Field Wind Farm 145 USA
Brazos Wind Ranch 160 USA
Buffalo Gap Wind Farm 353 USA
Bull Creek Wind Farm 180 USA
Callahan Divide Wind Farm 114 USA
Camp Grove Wind Farm 150 USA
Camp Springs Wind Farm 130 USA
Capricorn Ridge Wind Farm 364 USA
Carroll Wind Farm 150 USA
Cedar Creek Wind Farm 300 USA
Centennial Wind Farm 120 USA
Centennial Wind Farm (Canada) 150 Canada
Century Wind Farm 150 USA
CEZ Fântânele Wind Farm 600 Romania
Champion Wind Farm 126 USA
Colorado Green Wind Farm 162 USA
Crystal Lake Wind Farm 350 USA
Crystal Rig Wind Farm 180 UK
Desert Sky Wind Farm 160 USA
Dutch Hill/Cohocton Wind Farm 125 USA
EDP Dobrogea Wind Farm 266 Romania
El Marquesado Wind Farm 198 Spain
Elbow Creek Wind Project 122 USA
Elk River Wind Farm 150 USA
Enbridge Ontario Wind Farm 181 Canada
Eurus Wind Farm 250 Mexico
Fenton Wind Farm 206 USA
Forest Creek Wind Farm 124 USA
Forward Wind Energy Center 129 USA
Fowler Ridge Wind Farm 750 USA
Gardunha Wind Farm 106 Portugal
Glenrock Wind Farm 118.5 USA
Goodland I 130 USA
Gray County Wind Farm 102 USA
Green Mt. Energy Wind Farm 160 USA
Gulf Wind Farm 283 USA
Hackberry Wind Farm 165 USA
High Winds Wind Farm 162 USA
Higueruela Wind Farm 161 Spain
Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center 736 USA
Intrepid Wind Farm 160 USA
Judith Gap Wind Farm 135 USA
Kibby Wind Power Project 132 USA
King Mountain Wind Farm 281 USA
Klondike Wind Farm 400 USA
Kryevidhi Wind Farm 150 Albania
Lake Bonney Wind Farm 239 Australia
Langdon Wind Energy Center 159 USA
Lone Star Wind Farm 400 USA
Maple Ridge Wind Farm 322 USA
Maranchon Wind Farm 208 Spain
Marengo Wind Farm 140 USA
McAdoo Wind Farm 150 USA
Melancthon EcoPower Centre 199 Canada
Milford Wind Corridor Project 203 USA
Mount Storm Wind Farm 264 USA
NedPower Mount Storm I 164 USA
New Mexico Wind Energy Center 204 USA
Noble Chateaugay windpark [8] 106 USA
Noble Weathersfield Windpark 126 USA
Panther Creek Wind Farm 257 USA
Peetz Wind Farm 400 USA
Peñascal Wind Farm 202 USA
Pine Tree Wind Farm 120 USA
Pinhal Interior Wind Farm 144 Portugal
Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm 293 USA
Pomeroy Wind Farm 196 USA
Port Alma Wind Farm 101 Canada
Portland Wind Project 195 Australia
Prarie Star Wind Farm 100 USA
Prince Township Wind Farm 189 Canada
Project West Wind 143 New Zealand
Red Hills Wind Farm 105 USA
Rolling Hills Wind Farm 118.5 USA
Roscoe Wind Farm 781[9] USA
San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm 619 USA
Sherbino Wind Farm 750 USA
Shiloh Wind Farm 150 USA
Sisante Wind Farm 198 Spain
Smoky Hills Wind Farm 249 USA
Smøla Wind Farm 150 Norway
Snowtown Wind Farm 170 Australia
St. Leon Project 104 Canada
Stanton Energy Center 120 USA
Stateline Wind Project 300 USA
Story County Wind Farm 150 USA
Sweetwater Wind Farm 505 USA
Tararua Wind Farm 161 New Zealand
Tatanka Wind Farm 180 USA
Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm 685[10] USA
Thanet Offshore Wind Project 300 UK
Tomis Team Dobrogea Wind Farm 600 Romania
Thorntonbank Wind Farm 300 Belgium
Trent Wind Farm 150 USA
Turkey Track Wind Farm 169 USA
Twin Groves Wind Farm 396[11] USA
Vankusawade Wind Park 201 India
Ventominho Wind Farm 240 Portugal
Vlorë Wind Farm 500 Albania
Walnut Wind Project 153 USA
Waubra Wind Farm 192 Australia
Wethersfield Wind Park 124 USA
White Creek Wind Power Project 204 USA
Whitelee Wind Farm 322 UK
Wild Horse Wind Farm 229 USA
Wildorado Wind Ranch 161 USA
Wolfe Island Wind Farm 197.8 Canada
Woodward Wind Farm 159 USA
Woolnorth Wind Farm 140 Australia

[edit] Proposed wind farms

Proposed onshore wind farms
Farm Capacity (MW) Country
Bald Hills Wind Farm 104 Australia
Beech Ridge Wind Farm 186 USA
Belwind[12] 330 Belgium
Blackspring Ridge Wind Farm[13] 300 Canada
Clyde Wind Farm 548 UK
Crows Nest Wind Farm 124 Australia
Dobrich Wind Farm 200 Bulgaria
Enel Agichiol Wind Farm 210 Romania
Eolica Baia Wind Farm 126 Romania
Eolica Beidaud Wind Farm 128 Romania
Eolica Casimcea Wind Farm 244 Romania
Eolica Cogealac Wind Farm 448 Romania
Eolica Sǎcele Wind Farm 252 Romania
Franklin County Wind Farm[14] 200-300 USA
Golden Hills Wind Farm[15] 400 USA
Griffin Wind Farm 204 UK
Halkirk Wind Farm[13] 150 Canada
Hartland Wind Farm 500-1000 USA
Hauauru ma raki 540 New Zealand
Hawke's Bay Wind Farm 225 New Zealand
High Country Energy Wind Farm[16] 300 USA
Kavarna Wind Farm 250 Bulgaria
Kaiwera Downs Wind Farm 240 New Zealand
Koekenaap Wind Farm 100 South Africa
Kruger Energy Port Alma[17] 101.2 Canada
Lac-Alfred Wind Farm[18] 300 Canada
Lincoln Gap Wind Farm 124 Australia
Macarthur Wind Farm 329 Australia
Mahinerangi Wind Farm 200 New Zealand
Mărişelu Wind Farm 300 Romania
Markbygden Wind Farm 4000 at most Sweden
Massif-du-Sud Wind Farm[18] 150 Canada
McAdoo Wind farm [19] 150 USA
McCormick Ranch Wind Park[20] 300 USA
Mount Mercer Wind Farm 131 Australia
Motorimu Wind Farm[21] 108 New Zealand
Musselroe Wind Farm 140 Australia
Oweninny wind farm[22] 320 Ireland
Pampa Wind Project 4000 USA
Pine Canyon Wind Farm[23] 150 USA
Pine Tree Wind Project[23] 120 USA
Plambeck Bulgarian Wind Farm 250 Bulgaria
Project Hayes 630 New Zealand
Project Central Wind 130 New Zealand
Puketiro Wind Farm 130 New Zealand
Rivière-du-Moulin Wind Farm[18] 350 Canada
Rototuna Wind Farm 500 New Zealand
Shepherds Flat Wind Farm 909 USA
Silverton Wind Farm 1000 at most Australia
Sinus Holding Wind Farm 700 Romania
Slopedown Wind Farm[24] 150 at most New Zealand
Taharoa Wind Farm[25] 100 New Zealand
Tangier Wind Farm 140 Morocco
Taralga Wind Farm 105 Australia
Te Waka Wind Farm 156 New Zealand
Tehachapi Renewal Project 4500 USA
Titan Wind Project 5050 USA
Turitea Wind Farm 300 at least New Zealand
Underwood Wind Farm[17] 199.7 Canada
Valley City/Lake Ashtabula Wind Farm[26] 200 USA
Waitahora Wind Farm 177 New Zealand
Waverley Wind Farm[27] 135 New Zealand

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