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Wind turbines

This is a list of wind turbine manufacturers sorted alphabetically. It contains the manufacturers name(s), country and other data, with the known years of operation in parenthesis.

It should be noted that not all manufacturers are still existing, just that some of the wind-turbines produced by that manufacturer are still running.


[edit] Top 10 wind turbine manufacturers by megawatts installed worldwide in 2007 [1]

  1. Vestas (Denmark)
  2. GE Energy (United States)
  3. Gamesa (Spain)
  4. Enercon (Germany)
  5. Suzlon (India)
  6. Siemens (Denmark / Germany)
  7. Acciona (Spain)
  8. Goldwind (China - PRC)
  9. Nordex (Germany)
  10. Sinovel (China - PRC)

[edit] Leading Manufacturers in the U.S. Market

As of the end of 2008, the United States had 25.1 GW (25,100 MW) of wind energy capacity, surpassing Germany to become the world's leading wind energy market. Installed capacity increased by 50% in the U.S. in 2008, compared to a 28.8% world average growth rate.[2]

[edit] Key Players in the U.S. Wind Industry[3]

  1. GE Energy
  2. Vestas
  3. Siemens
  4. Gamesa
  5. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
  6. Suzlon
  7. Clipper Windpower
  8. Nordex

[edit] Other Manufacturers with Large (> 100 MW) Projects Installed

[edit] Leading Small Wind Turbine Manufacturers

[edit] Alphabetical List

Multibrid 5000 Prototype, north of Bremerhaven (Germany)
Wakamatsu wind farm, Kitakyushu, Japan

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