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Flight No.15 - Satellite:IBUKI (GOSAT)MITSUBISHI

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News / What's New

February 13, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Receives Order for Two 800 MW Supercritical-Pressure Steam Turbines
For Andhra Pradesh Power Development Company Limited of India
February 12, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Develops One of World's Most Efficient Gas Engine "MACH II-SI," A 66.1% Efficiency of Power Generation Plus Energy Recovery from Steam
-- Spark Plug Ignition System Adopted to Eliminate Auxiliary Pilot Fuel --
February 05, 2009
News ReleaseNotice Regarding Issue of Stock Options for Stock-linked Compensation.
February 05, 2009
News ReleaseRevision of FY2008 Consolidated Financial Results Estimates.
February 05, 2009
News Release"3Q Financial Results for FY2008" has been updated.
February 04, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Signs 9th Technology License Agreement To Capture Carbon Dioxide from Flue Gas And Increase Urea Production at Fertilizer Plant in Vietnam
February 03, 2009
News ReleaseMHI to Market "PD23" Compact Cylindrical Grinding Machine Enabling Easier Operation of Palm-size Workpiece Processing
February 02, 2009
News ReleaseLuminant & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Establish Nuclear Plant Development Joint Venture
January 30, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Signs MOU with GE to Start Studying
Joint Development of New Steam Turbine for GTCC
January 26, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Receives Large-scale Natural Gas-fired GTCC Power Plant Order From PT PLN (Persero), Indonesia's State-owned Electricity Provider
January 23, 2009
Launch Result of the IBUKI (GOSAT) by H-IIA Launch Vehicle No. 15
January 22, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Develops "ZI20A" High-precision Gear Grinding Machine For High-speed Processing of Internally Toothed Ring Gears, Achieving Low-cost Processing of Gears for Low-noise Operation - Gear Grinding Tool Life Significantly Extended -
January 21, 2009
News ReleaseMHI Receives Order for 800 MW GTCC Power Generation System From ENMAX of Canada
January 20, 2009
News ReleaseMHI to Participate in Development of "Trent XWB,"
Rolls-Royce Aero-engine for Airbus A350 XWB
January 19, 2009
News ReleaseMHI to Tie Up with NIBE Industrier AB of Sweden
And Enter European Air-to-Water Heat Pump Market
Joint Development of Energy Saving, High-Performance Products
And Mutual OEM Supply Planned

Headquarters & Division

Headquarters & Division
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