Nordic Windpower’s line of utility-scale wind turbines is setting a new standard for cost-effectiveness and reliability. With 10 years of trouble-free operating history, these are machines that let their owners sleep at night, with exceptional financial performance for owners of both large and community-scale windfarms.

Based on a design that responds flexibly, not rigidly, to wind, the Nordic wind turbines combine light weight, ease of installation and maintenance, exceptional reliability, and low cost of energy.

The N1000 design is the result of a 20-year R&D program in Sweden, funded with an investment of over US$75 million. The result is a turbine engineered from the ground up for low cost and high reliability in utility-scale applications. The simple, lightweight, two-bladed design has demonstrated record-breaking reliability in multiple turbines over 10 years in Europe. Backed by recent large investor support, the N1000 is now undergoing large-scale manufacturing rollout in Europe, the US, China, and other regions for 2008 deliveries.