Real New Deal for Energy, Economic, and Environmental Recovery

World Wire
January 13, 2009

Plan Endorsed by Bill McKibben, Michael Moore, Randy Udall, Lester Brown.

Post Carbon Institute today announced the release of "The Real New Deal: Energy Scarcity and the
Path to Energy, Economic, and Environmental Recovery," a proposal to the
incoming Obama Administration.

The plan calls for responding to the current economic crisis with a
massive policy and investment shift towards a fossil fuel-independent
economy. Noting the urgency to address global fossil fuel depletion and
climate change, the "Real New Deal" calls for a series of bold measures to
electrify the transportation system, rebuild the electricity grid,
relocalize the food system, and retrofit the nation's building stock for
both energy efficiency and energy production.

The plan's lead author is Post Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard
Heinberg, author of "The Party's Over: Oil, War, and the Fate of
Industrial Societies" and an internationally recognized expert on fossil
fuel depletion. Heinberg said, "While there are many 'new deal' plans
being offered to President-elect Obama, our plan recognizes that declining
fossil fuel supplies and rising greenhouse gas emissions put us at
tremendous and immediate risk. Building more roads and bridges as a
stimulus for jobs is the wrong tactic. We must re-engineer our country now
to deal with the end of cheap energy and to stop catastrophic climate change."

Bill McKibben, author of "Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the
Durable Future," remarked, ""The world is up against real limits, limits
that will define our future. We're running out of oil and we're running
out of atmosphere, and those two alone will change the planet. Let's get
ahead of the curve for once."

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Michael Moore declared, "I strongly
endorse 'The Real New Deal.' The Obama administration takes office at one
of the most critical moments in our history with a tremendous opportunity
and a grave responsibility to take appropriate action."

Debbie Cook, former Mayor of Huntington Beach, California and Post Carbon
Institute Board President said, "I endorse 'The Real New Deal' as the only
sane way to approach the twin challenges of fossil fuel depletion and
climate change. We need a systematic, coordinated effort and we donít have
any time to waste."

Other endorsers of "The Real New Deal" include Randy Udall (renowned
writer; director of Community Office for Resource Efficiency), Lester
Brown (founder of Earth Policy Institute and Worldwatch Institute), David
Orr (Paul Sears Distinguished Professor of Environmental Studies and
Politics at Oberlin College), and Pat Murphy (founder of The Community
Solution and author of Plan C).

To view the full plan, visit http://www.postcarbon.org/real-new-deal.

Post Carbon Institute, based in Sebastopol, California, conducts research,
develops technical tools, educates the public, and informs leaders to help
communities around the world understand and respond to the challenges of
fossil fuel depletion and climate change.


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