The House Must Act Now on Cap-and-Trade Legislation

1Sky's Blog
January 9, 2009

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said this week that she has enough votes
to pass cap-and-trade legislation aimed at curbing the effects of global
warming, but would not commit to holding a vote in 2009. Speaking to reporters
on Monday, Pelosi said she has backing in the Democratic-controlled House to
move a cap-and-trade bill, but will not force the issue. When Congressman Ed
Markey, since identified as the new Chairman of the new Subcommittee on Energy
and the Environment in the Energy and Commerce Committee, was approached on
timing, he said “to be determined.”

People close to Pelosi and Markey told me not to read too much into the remarks
-- they said the stimulus is the priority now, and Congress is waiting for the
nod from the incoming President on timing. But as Speaker Pelosi and
Representative Markey know better than most, we need leadership now! It will
never be easy. If we wait, passing legislation that will solve our climate and
energy problems will only get harder. Solving the greatest threat to the planet
must be the priority. The time is now. We need to push bold solutions and cannot
compromise before Congress has even started doing anything to try to repower,
refuel and rebuild. We have a committed president-elect with brilliant climate
advisors. We have a House leader with a history of commitment to this issue from
a district that is well educated on global warming’s dangers.

In addition to bold action by Speaker Pelosi, we are urging House Energy and
Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) to take the lead in 2009 on a climate
bill. 1Sky has over 350 organizational allies nationwide, will be funding 25
organizers spanning twenty states this year, and has already recruited voluntary
Climate Precinct Captains in over 150 Congressional districts. We are amassing
ground troops. We’re ready. We need Congress to lead. This is never going to be
an easy lift. But it needs to be done now. We have decades of polluting to make
up for and no time to lose -- with catastrophic impacts looming and a clean,
green economy to embrace in the face of our worst recession in decades.

Meanwhile, Energy and Commerce Committee ranking member and fossil fuel fan
Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) was quoted on Monday as saying that the folks who
want us dependent on oil and coal forever think the momentum is on their side.

Let’s prove them wrong. Sign up to become a Climate Precinct Captain now!


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