Marketing Data Room – Useful Functions

Every commercial business, which provides this or that service or product has its sales and marketing team, and everyone knows firsthand how valuable information is used to increase popularity and brand awareness. The marketing department is responsible for one of a company’s key successes, which is revenue, so using a marketing data room is a great solution for maintaining complete confidentiality of your sales team’s activities. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of VDRs for marketing for your business.

The data room controls user access and tracks content usage

Security has long been a hot topic of discussion. It is believed that in the 21st century, all business companies should have an understanding of healthy security, and understand the risks that can come from one activity or another. Using unreliable sources of information can harm your business in many cases, for example:

Your marketing department has decided to distribute a detailed list of products and prices to its distributors, using the most popular way of transmitting information today: email. It would seem that there is nothing unusual in this action because the use of e-mail is quite common. However, the transfer of corporate information via this source is a very risky action that may result in information leakage and as a result, your competitor will have a competitive advantage on the market, as he is now aware of your actions and policies. This information can also be borrowed by startups, and worst of all, you cannot understand where the leak came from, because it cannot be traced back through email.

Using a secure space, the marketing department could upload the necessary material there and distribute it only to the users directly involved, and the access control and data leakage protection functions would ensure that unauthorized access to the information would not happen.

Benefits of document transaction room

Below we describe the main advantages of virtual data rooms and how they can be useful for your company’s marketing activities:

  • Unlimited storage – upload absolutely everything you need for your marketing operations to the space, in most cases VDR providers provide unlimited secure storage where you can store documents of any degree of importance: roadmaps, design specifications, product manuals, price lists, training videos, tutorials, etc.;
  • Absolute security -All data is stored in a single secure location, allowing administrators to control access to data. VDR permissions allow you to set time limits for viewing certain documents, which PIs are allowed to do so, and what kind of interaction with documents is allowed. You can prohibit copying, printing, forwarding, and downloading of documents, as well as set watermarks as an additional safeguard against data leakage. VDRs also use strong encryption features and password protection from unauthorized access;
  • Analytics Functions – you can monitor the actions of all users within a VDR to determine which potential distributors are most interested in a deal. You can see the exact time a user opened a particular document, how much time they spent there, and what actions they performed there;
  • Management tools – organize the data entered into the VDR as you like and do it as efficiently as possible. You can upload your documents using the bulk upload feature, the program will automatically index them and then you can structure them however you want. Use the smart search function to quickly find the document you need.
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